The Small But Mighty Fulfilment Company!

Ants solve complex challenges every day and seemingly without effort. Hidden to the eye is a highly organised and extremely efficient working principle that allows ants to overcome obstacles to reach their targets with ease. So when we were looking at our fulfilment business model we took inspiration from these incredible creatures.

We launched Antlogix to provide a simple, scalable and cost effective outsourcing solution for small and growing businesses and start-ups. We enable start-ups and companies that struggle to find warehousing space , fulfilment, product kitting and capability to do the various odd jobs and create happy customers.

We have specialists that are outstanding in their area but understand the strength of collective effort. We give you the right answer along each step of the order process and react quickly to changing requirements. We compliment this with a clean and simple to use online management platform, that fully integrates with all online marketplaces and courier services.

Euro Pallet

So what exactly is the Ant Logic?

Small roles

We meticulously refine the small stuff, because to work effortlessly all elements need to be in harmony and individually efficient. That’s why our staff are highly skilled individuals.
Everyone of us.

Do the Job

Our reputation is linked to your success as much as your reputation is linked to our performance. That is why we focus on your performance targets. To meet this 100% of the time.
All the time.

as a Team

As a team we understand our individual strengths and weaknesses. Hence we emphasise the strength of the collective effort in achieving the most important goals.
Your satisfaction.


We use technology to aid every step of the process. We deploy tools to improve on turnarounds and better delivery targets. We add value by providing flexible and sound solutions.
Calm & efficiently.

and on Time

We are deadline driven and we finely balance our resources and priorities so we can react to changing schedules. You may need to make a last minute update to an important order…
In short, we’re on it!

Antlogix Services Cycle

We grow with you…

Whether you are a startup or an established small to medium sized business we would love working with you.

We understand the growing pains that many small business or start-ups suffer. Being able to react to the success of your products is difficult when that reaction means a demand for larger premises or an elaborate storage and fulfilment system. Especially when your requirement is seasonal and you cannot justify permanent expansion into new offices only to have warehousing capability at arms length.

We cater for many customers that either do not have the space available to store all their products or that grow fast and need help before expanding into larger facilities. We act like an extension of your business, totally transparent and with all the documentation to identify us as your warehouse. We raise paperwork for shipping and customs invoices for export. We receive your goods from your suppliers and we check for accuracy and damages on your behalf and report our findings.

We help you manage your stock, build product packages to minimise volume storage and advise on shortages before they happen. We can be there for you all year around or only during your peak season. As you need us, we are there.

Simply put:

  • Receive your Order

    There are a multitude of options to choose from. You can link your shop to our fulfilment API, enter orders direct into the system or upload them in bulk. Whatever your current process is, we integrate and improve upon it.

  • Process your Order

    Most operations happen seamlessly in the background. Our automatic email notification system keeps you updated about each step as much or as little as you prefer.

  • Pick your Products

    Irrespective of bulk despatch or single SKU orders, we work from call off stock or built to order items, just as you need it. We pick based on barcode identification from dedicated picking bays.

  • Pack your Boxes

    We evaluate your packing requirements and all products are packed to minimise waste and shipping costs. All boxes are labelled for content and origin identification purposes.

  • Print your Documents

    Our fulfilment system contains all templates needed to comply with your customers’ receiving requirements. We use intelligent routing to create the correct paperwork for domestic and export shipments.

  • Manage your Inventory

    Stock is updated realtime, showing availability for despatch as well as stock in hand to make last minute changes to orders. Minimum stock level enable us to react fast and efficiently to new orders.

  • Ship your Order

    We work with your courier or give you the benifit of our aggregated shipping rates. Our system integrates with all major carriers and provides online tracking the moment the goods are dispatched.

Who We Work With

A small selection of companies, we are proud to call our clients…